Why choose Simplified Office Systems?

  • Experience

    SOS has combined a group of committed people that have over 75 years of experience in dealing with office technology. This foundation provides us with a unique insight that puts our customer first. Our experience helps us to match the right technology to the right need.

  • Expertise

    The entire sales and service team are trained by the manufactures of the products we choose to carry. This insures our team has a broad understanding of the technology and where it fits for our customers. The combined experience of 75+ years is a testament to our collective commitment to making our customers number one. Our expertise means we keep your technology operating at optimum performance. Our measure of success is your uptime.

  • Environmental Commitment

    We make “going green” more that a good marketing message. From how we recyle our paper, spent cartirdges, ink containers, and even drive high effeciency vehicles, SOS is committed to making significant strides in reducing or eliminating our carbon footprint. More information on the environmental sustainability of our RISO product line, click here.

  • Products

    The products we sell are only the leaders in the industry and match with our customer centric focus, environmental commitments and other strategic objectives. The award winning RISO line has two distinct families of products. The duplicator line up provides the user with a combination of low costs, fast speed and high volume capabilities. Click here to see more info on the duplicator line up from RISO. The RISO products have recently been expanded to incorporate an expanded line of full color inkjet products that provide the same value propositiosn the brand has become know for through the years. Click here to learn more about these products.

  • Simple Commitment to our Customers

    The name of our company was intentional. In the complex world of MFPs, Printing Systems, Document Management, Managed Print Services, and the various software packages needed to make all this happen, buying a copier or printer can be overwhelming. SOS is committed to providing our customers with what they need and what they buy. Our commitment is to provide simple systems to complex business challenges.

  • Riso Warranty

    SOS provides each customer with a 7 year or 7M copy warranty on their RISO products. This warranty is simple. You keep your RISO machine under a service contract and SOS will replace your machine with a like model if we cannot fix your unit. This warranty is designed to show our confidence in the RISO products as well as our commitment to protecting the investment of our customers.

  • Locally Owned and Operated

    Every SOS employee lives, works, and pay taxes in the state of South Carolina. We take pride in being a local company that has made the commitment to our state. The experience of the team combined with an empowered workforce means our customers get decisions quickly to their questions.